Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Shop Update!

I've just done a shop update on my Etsy shop (and also added a pretty new header), so I thought I'd share the new goodies which are up for grabs!

First up is this gorgeous pale pink rose flower crown, which fastens with pink lace. It's so pretty that I was quite tempted to keep it for myself...

I've been obsessed with mushrooms and toadstools recently so I loved making this fun and pretty woodland toadstool crown. It has some polymer clay rosehips and ivy berries added to give it a bit of variation. So cute!

This turquoise fox face brooch is made from felt and completely hand stitched.

This grape leaf crown is great for summer and has a real Grecian/Roman feel to it.

This colourful daffodil crown has huge blooms all over it, sure to attract attention!

There are also some bows- a super cute pink cupcake bow made using cotton fabric...

and quirky tartan and apple bows

There are some dainty fern crowns, in red and gold metallic...

Finally, another mushroom themed crown, this one is a woodland mushroom and ivy leaf crown.

Most things seem to be kind of woodland themed this time, I blame walks in the woods, my current mushroom obsession, and watching a lot of fairytale themed films and tv. I'm working on new designs and some new and exciting projects, so there should be more updates very soon! I'm also working on a website, which will have my blog, shop, and art portfolio all in one place-so if things are a little quiet around here, that will be why. I look forward to announcing when everything is done!

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  1. These are the cutest! I love the mushroom ones :) x


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