Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hello Harriet Review

I've been admiring Hello Harriet's super cute animal illustrations for ages! Hello Harriet has a few extremely lovely pug themed items, and with my pug obsessed sister's birthday coming up, it seemed the perfect time to buy a few of Harriet's illustrated goodies.

They arrived really well packaged in a card backed envelope. I love that even the do not bend label has a pug on it! Such a cute touch. They also arrived extremely quickly-I ordered on a Sunday night and they were in my letter box on the Tuesday morning!

Inside the envelope was a business card and a complimentary postcard with a picture of a fluffy kitty.

I'd ordered three items- pug wrapping paper, a pug card and a pug magnet, all printed with the same adorable illustration.

Despite ordering the sale seconds wrapping paper, which was listed as "dog-eared" (not sure if pun intended?...), it seemed to be in great condition. The only vague fault I can find with it is the slight curl you can see in the picture, and that's hardly a problem. The print on the wrapping paper is nice and clear, and the paper is a good weight. It's not glossy like a lot of commercial wrapping paper, but I actually quite like that. It feels much sturdier than most wrapping paper, so I think it would be really good for covering notebooks and so on. In fact, Harriet shows you how to do just that on her blog!

The pug card was neatly presented in a cellophane wrapper.

The card is so cute! It has a brown paper envelope which I like, it's a nice contrast. The card stock is good quality, and the card is blank so you can use it for any occasion.

The magnet was inside a small brown paper envelope stamped with the Hello Harriet logo and website. One thing I noticed from a business point of view is that Hello Harriet's branding is spot on. The name and website are on pretty much everything, all the items look good together and are clearly from the same place, the packaging fits with the items and compliments them. I was practically taking notes for my own business!

The pug magnet has the same gorgeous illustration as the other items, and is like a badge front, with a circular magnet on the back. It seems well made and sturdy. 

I'm very happy with my purchases from Hello Harriet, I think my sister is going to love them! I'd definitely recommend this shop to any animal lovers, Harriet has a range of items printed with beautiful bunnies, cats and other breeds of dog so you don't have to go for a pug theme like I did if that's not your thing. I'd also recommend checking out Harriet's blog, she shares little life snippets and it's one of the first places you get a peek of her new illustrations!

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  1. Everything is so cute!!! I love Harriet's darling illustrations!! xo


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